Trivia Night @ Sprockets

Trivia Night @ Sprockets

We did not expect this activity. In Sprockets Coffee + Milk Tea Cafe, very Monday night is Trivia Night. Actually, we (me and Sunshine) just went there to have some milk tea and pasta. But we were so surprised when the guy (later became the quiz master) asked us if we want to join the Trivia Quiz. Just for fun, we agreed to join. He then gave us a small white board and a marker and told us to write the name of our team. Our team name was SMASH, taken from the names of our best friends in high school: S-Special, A-Ayris, M-Meilfe, SH-Shine/Sunshine. As expected, we did not win because the questions were so difficult. But we enjoyed it so much. The food was great too. I ordered fettupasta in pesto cream, and nachos. The milk teas were so heavenly and cheap. It’s a nice place to hang out.



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