Mid-Year In Bukidnon

Mid-Year In Bukidnon

I didn’t know if there is a “mid-year” evaluation because what I do know is that evaluations happen every December. When I heard the “good news” that the City Mayor’s Office will be having a mid-year evaluation at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon, I was very excited. It will be my first time. A lot of my friends have been there and their testimonies were great. I know the place will be very nice and the experience will be unforgettable.

Of course, I was soooo right! It was a very nice place but it was very far. From Davao City to Bukidnon, from Bukidnon highway to the innermost barangay named Dahilayan, I guess we spent most of our time just sitting around and waiting to arrive.

When we were there, my friends roamed around and explored the area. It was very wide. We took pictures right away even if our baggage were not yet settled.

DSCN4594 DSCN4599 DSCN4601 DSCN4603 DSCN4620Then we went to our room which was very cozy. We were in the second floor so we can really see a huge part of the area from above. I really liked our room. We also had a terrace.
DSCN4610 DSCN4612After placing our things inside the room, we began to explore.
DSCN4620 DSCN4623 DSCN4630 DSCN4636 DSCN4707DSCN4722 DSCN4723     One of the most unforgettable event that happened in Dahilayan was when I experienced the deadly ride “Drop Zone”. I cannot describe my feelings that time. We were dropped from a height of a tower. I just shouted so hard, then laugh so much because I conquered my fear.
DSCN4685 DSCN4687 DSCN4688 DSCN4695 DSCN4703Of course, our adventure will not be complete without good food so we roamed around and tried their cafes and restaurants.
DSCN4712 DSCN4750 DSCN4774 DSCN4775 DSCN4778 DSCN4779 DSCN4781It was such a very nice experience. I want to go back there with my kids.

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