The North Face Mountain Challenge

The North Face Mountain Challenge

Running a seven-kilometer trail is such an accomplishment for me, and having a finisher’s medal, too! It was an honor for me to be part of The North Face Mountain 7KM Trail Challenge.

Me and my husband were informed by our organizer-friend, Dax Ang and Erwin Emata, the famous Filipino Mt. Everest climber, to join this event. Since it is just in Davao City, we joined this prestigious and challenging event.

At first, it was just easy but as the trail goes on, it was hard. There were lots of obstacles – fallen branches, trees, boulders, slopes, and water that made the way slippery, but I was just going slow so as not to fall or slide. It was hard yet it was fun!

Our goal is to finish earlier so that we can get the finisher’s medal with The North Face logo printed on its sling, but we were not able to arrive to join the top 80. But then, all participants who arrived beyond that were given the medal but those with plain sling. And that’s just okay with us. I had my first medal from running and outdoor adventure! Cool. I also got the Banana Boat Sun Protection in sachet as their giveaways.

It was indeed unforgettable. Exploring the other side of Davao City – the mountainous yet residential parts of it – is quiet amazing! Davao City is really big. I am looking forward for another adventure organized by Dax and Erwin.