Breakfast 24/7 at Tapa Bai

Breakfast 24/7 at Tapa Bai

We like to eat and explore new food establishments in Tagum City. We spotted this new place, Tapa Bai, located infront of Trade Center gate, Roxas Street. They serve a variety of Silog (sinangag and itlog), typically a breakfast food but you can order it anytime because they are open for 24 hours!

If you are familiar with Taps in Davao City, well, they are quiet similar in food choices and the arrangement of table and chairs. They both have the same “spiral” design of the table where the attendant that gets your order and assists you is in the center.


We tried a few of their food and I can say that I like it, even my husband and my kids ordered extra rice. My favorites are the HungSiLog (Hungarian sausage, sinangag and itlog) and the super spicy TapSiLog (tapa, sinangag and itlog). It is really spicy, makes you want to drink water more and the chili tingles in your mouth down to your throat.


I observed their poster about their advocacy. A portion of each purchase goes to Tagum City Food Bank, a non-government organization that helps malnourished children in different barangays of Tagum City to become nourished and healthy in one month.

Another posted in their wall is their music, where they use Spotify, a music application where you can choose different songs according to your mood. Of course, the music played are all soothing and relaxing and makes you want to eat more.

So if you are craving for breakfast food even during midnight, then head to Tapa Bai.

Warehaus Cafe

Warehaus Cafe

There is another cafe that opened in Tagum City a few days ago. I was not able to visit it immediately because when I asked my friends who went there already if there are pastas or cakes, there is none. The menu has sandwiches and rice meals, and different varieties of drinks. So I hesitated to go.

But time permits me to visit there together with my friends. I am in the mood to eat anything so I gave it a try. We went there and I was amazed that the ambiance was great! The furniture and fixtures were extraordinary and different from other cafes in Tagum. We went there during lunchtime and there were lots of people and it came full house in just a matter of minutes. Luckily, we were there ahead of them so we were able to choose  comfortable seats.


Their rice meals were all sizzling – sizzling pork, chicken, beef and fish. My order was a sizzling fish steak while my friends ordered sizzling seafoods (mandaragat) and sizzling squid (pusit). They also ordered cold drinks called Green Apple Soda and Iced Mocha. I just had water.




The overall experience was good. However, since Warehaus Cafe is located in the business center of Tagum, expect a lot of people that would come by and dine. So I guess you have to come earlier than lunch time or dinner time so that it will not be crowded yet and you can still take pictures of their nice interior.

Warehaus Cafe is located at Bonifacio corner Quezon Streets, across HB1 and along Magnolia Kiosk and Tagum Breadhouse. If you know the location of the old Grande Supermart, then that is the exact spot.

What’s New in NCCC Mall?

What’s New in NCCC Mall?

Tagum City has three big malls today – Gaisano Mall, Gaisano Grand Mall and NCCC Mall. But most people often visit Gaisano Mall because it is big, with a wide variety of everything you need, from food to clothes to entertainment.

Of the three malls, the NCCC Mall was built first. It is not so big compared to Gaisano Mall. Imagine ten years ago when people flocked there during near fiesta, Christmas, New Year and other events, it is crowded. Expect also to see most people there during a 12-hour blackout, where you cannot feel the air condition anymore. With the rise of the competitors, NCCC Mall is now seldom visited.

Fortunately, the Victory Christian Fellowship Tagum is located there. As a member, I get to see the mall at least once a week. To my amazement, the management is still trying to lure the customers back, and even more, by having some promos, events and more entertainment.

Indeed, at the fourth floor are their new entertainment area for kids called Fun-N-Jumpin, a castle-like inflatable playground filled with balls of different colors. Kids really like to play there because they can jump, run, lay down, climb and move whatever they want. 15-minute play is 45 pesos, 30-minute play is 60 pesos.


Another attraction is the billiards and dart corner. It has four billiard tables, sticks, three dart boards, high quality dart pins, rules and etiquette charts and lights to make the area well-lighted to make sure that the players are comfortable during their game. For as low as 80 pesos, you can play billiards for one hour, while 50 pesos is good for an hour of playing dart. With these facilities, they host small competitions with attractive prizes.


The Xbox 360 is still there where kids who are big enough to play in the Fun-N-Jumpin and too young to play billiards and dart, mostly play video games or dance the latest dance songs.

Drop by NCCC Mall and try their newest offers for all of us.

Giant Holiday Tree 2015

Giant Holiday Tree 2015

Last night was the ceremonial lighting of the Tagum City’s Giant Holiday Tree for 2015. This is one of the much-awaited event for all Tagumenos during holiday season. Every before the parochial fiesta (which falls every third Sunday of November), happens this spectacular event which is the lighting of the holiday tree at the Freedom Park. Almost all people are waiting for the big day and when it finally came, they were there in awe of the beautiful design and lights of the giant holiday tree.




Well, the holiday tree was not just designed to look pleasing to the eyes. Every design has meaning.

What does the tree symbolize? The 6 levels represent the 6  city councils of Tagum, 16 ring stars symbolize the 16 distinct qualities of love stated in Corinthians 13:4-8. The giant ring and rope represent unity among Tagumenyos, Filipinos and the entire mankind. The flowers are symbol of peace; Christmas lights for the camaraderie between and among Tagumenyos and others (From Choose Philippines).

A variety show was presented from talents all over Tagum. The spirit of Christmas was really all over the place because of the Christmas songs heard from solo, duet, chorale and dance numbers from the participants.

The highlight of the event was the 10-minute fireworks display that really opened the Christmas season in Tagum City.


It was indeed another memorable and historical event.

Photo grabbed from City of Tagum Official Facebook Page

Merry Christmas everyone!

MindGym Philippines

MindGym Philippines

I want to be a teacher was what I said when I graduated kindergarten. Indeed, I was, for 8 years. I experienced teaching primary, secondary and tertiary students here and abroad. Yes, I worked as a primary and secondary science teacher in Medan, Indonesia last 2009.

Even though I had very good experiences in teaching, I still do not hold a PRC license yet. Why? I don’t know and I can’t explain. But I already earned more than 18 units of Education subjects and reviewed in a reputable review center. In other words, I am ready to take the exam. Maybe soon, real soon. I hope so.

Aside from having a review in a review center, I also had a review online through MindGym Philippines. They are offering an online review called My Review Coach that lets you study and practice all their resources from General Education, Professional Education and your area of Specialization. How to avail it? It’s so easy.


Sign up to their website, fill in their form and send. Then pay the amount of 2,950 pesos through several modes of payment according to your preference. An email will be sent to you together with the username and password to access the website. What’s easier was the website was easy to navigate. They also had your schedules for each subject, giving you ample time to study the materials before taking the drills.

They also conduct a Skype conference with all the reviewees to consult and ask about things they encounter during the review. Ma’am Alice and Sir Albert were so accommodating during the online conference. They also gave advice that can really help the examinees.

Their study materials are always updated to mimic the latest Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), easy to study and downloadable so you can just save it in your flash drive and read anytime, anywhere. PDF files and PowerPoint presentations were given.

What’s more, MindGym Philippines has topnotchers everytime. That means they really help bring out the best in every examinee. However, passing the LET depends on the performance of the examinee, but they are of big help.


Are you taking the LET this March? Then try My Review Coach. Additional learning can really help.

I will be taking the LET soon. I just want to settle everything especially my work schedule. But I will, soon.

Good luck and God bless examinees. Do your best.

Cupcake Boss

Cupcake Boss

I have visited this place a lot of times already because I like it here, even my husband and my kids agree. Cupcake Boss by Bia and Lia opened last June 5, 2015 and serves cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, drinks, pasta and viands of different kinds. It is just a small place yet so cozy. A little bit far from the city proper since it is located at Purok Senangote, you will not be afraid that the place is always jam-packed with students studying or people just ordering drinks and killing time by scrolling their mobile devices and using the free WiFi. Yes, they have WiFi and a soothing background music.

The owners, Bia and Lia, are good in baking and cooking. They use their talents to put up a business which they really love. Although this place is just establishing its name and reputation, a lot of people have visited already, even prominent people of Tagum.

We have tried many of their food. My favorites are their creamy carbonara, custard cake, blueberry cheesecake, cinnamon mocha latte and fish fillet.  Their serving is generous, the platter for the viands and even the slice of cakes. Of course, my kids love their cupcakes especially those with cute toppings.

Planning to go there? They are open from 9AM to 11PM all through the week. If the place is too unfamiliar for you, just say to the tricycle driver that it is near Iglesia ni Cristo church in Senagote. You will pass Saint Mary’s College and Activo Fitness Gym before arriving there.



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(Disclaimer: Some pictures were taken from Cupcake Boss by Bia and Lia’s Facebook Page)

I am In WordPress

I am In WordPress

Untitled (2)

I have been blogging since 2010. I have used blogger and tumblr as my platforms. But just recently, I am mostly on the go so I want to use my mobile phone to write and post right away. I need a platform that can support my needs. I found it in WordPress since it is easy to manage.

I really want to become a certified blogger. I want to be a member of a blogger group and be with other members doing fun and exciting activities like product launch, food tasting, gadget testing, establishment opening and many others. Last night, I applied to be a member of the Davao Bloggers Society through their website. I know I am not good in writing but I wish they will accept me.

I am blogging almost everything, from my own personal experiences, travel, places, people, events and even products that I use. If given a chance by the Davao Bloggers Society, I will be blogging everything about Tagum City and the nearby municipalities so that people will know and be informed about the good things of these places.

Although the nearby places of Tagum City are not cities but rural areas, there are really nice places worth visiting. It is my aim to inform everyone that rural areas can be as exciting as the cities.

So starting today, I will focus on WordPress and I will posts my previous posts again but I will revised it so that it will be updated.