Breakfast 24/7 at Tapa Bai

Breakfast 24/7 at Tapa Bai

We like to eat and explore new food establishments in Tagum City. We spotted this new place, Tapa Bai, located infront of Trade Center gate, Roxas Street. They serve a variety of Silog (sinangag and itlog), typically a breakfast food but you can order it anytime because they are open for 24 hours!

If you are familiar with Taps in Davao City, well, they are quiet similar in food choices and the arrangement of table and chairs. They both have the same “spiral” design of the table where the attendant that gets your order and assists you is in the center.


We tried a few of their food and I can say that I like it, even my husband and my kids ordered extra rice. My favorites are the HungSiLog (Hungarian sausage, sinangag and itlog) and the super spicy TapSiLog (tapa, sinangag and itlog). It is really spicy, makes you want to drink water more and the chili tingles in your mouth down to your throat.


I observed their poster about their advocacy. A portion of each purchase goes to Tagum City Food Bank, a non-government organization that helps malnourished children in different barangays of Tagum City to become nourished and healthy in one month.

Another posted in their wall is their music, where they use Spotify, a music application where you can choose different songs according to your mood. Of course, the music played are all soothing and relaxing and makes you want to eat more.

So if you are craving for breakfast food even during midnight, then head to Tapa Bai.


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