Barbershop Culture

Barbershop Culture

Men really need this often – a haircut! Mostly, they visit the barbershop every two weeks, more often than women visit the salon. Students and working men maintain a clean haircut as it is required in school or in the workplace.

Like women, men also like a barbershop with good ambiance. Well, if you are looking for one, there is a barbershop with nice interior and fully-airconditioned with a haircut price of 50 pesos. Only 50 pesos for yours or theirs (in case you don’t know what specific haircut that suits you) style of haircut. Yes, they give advice for a suitable hairstyle for you. But then they are more of an “old school” hairstyle.

This barbershop is called Barbershop Culture, located at Door 3, GECP Building, Arellano Street, Tagum City. It is the road going to University of Mindanao, the big two-storey building on the left.

It is just a small space, has four comfortable barber chairs but all the barbers are experts in whatever style you want. The place has a minimalist design that gives you a homey and relaxing feeling. The place is really neat and clean.


Aside from haircut and shave services, they also promote the use of pomades, since gels can make hair dry. Pomades are sold in different fragrances. My husband bought this sweet-smelling Cherry Bomb pomade.


With a tagline Cuts x Shaves x Pomades x Lifestyle, Barbershop Culture is a hit when it comes to students and working men with a tight budget.

Visit it now and make a shift. Make Barbershop Culture part of your lifestyle.

Indulge at MAQ Spafrolic Tagum

Indulge at MAQ Spafrolic Tagum

I already have my own personal choice of spa here in Tagum and I am availing their services for more than ten years now. But I tried this newly-opened spa for a change, and it did not fail me.

MAQ Spafrolic offers the following services: whole body massage, body scrub, hand & foot paraffin treatment, manicure, pedicure, nail art, waxing, warts removal, facial, acne treatment, diamond peel and galvanic treatment.


I tried their diamond peel and galvanic treatment, manicure and pedicure. I was so amazed with what I experienced.

First, there was a 10% discount and I just paid less than 900 pesos. Their discount will last until December 31, 2015.

Second, they have superb customer service. The moment I entered their premises, the staff warmly greeted me as she opened the door. Of course, she asked me what services I want. Then she offered me some options and presented to me their promos.

Then I had my choices. Every time the therapist would do something, she would inform me and ask my approval, like “Mam, can I perform the facial massage now? Or can I apply the cream now? Mam, we are now starting the galvanic treatment”. For me, this is very courteous and informative because as a client, I know what is happening. She also asked me if I want coffee, tea or juice.

During the manicure and pedicure time, the nail technician told me about the condition of my nails, how grave the damage done by my previous nail technician and she gave me advise on what to do so that my toenails will be back to its normal condition. She gave me tips on how to prevent nail discoloration. Nice!

They also offer nail art where you can choose the designs from their samples, or you can bring with you a photo so that they can do it on your nails.


The overall experience was amazing! I would definitely go back before our Christmas party to pamper myself and I will avail of their whole body massage and nail art soon.

MAQ Spafrolic is located at the 2nd Floor, Rubcon Building, Rizal Street, Tagum City. It is above Sarah’s Mami.

(Note: All pictures were from Spafrolic Tagum Facebook Page.)

I Support BAYO

I Support BAYO

I promised myself to support local brands, and I’m doing that for a few years now. Local brands are still expensive though, but not as much as the branded, imported ones. You can buy a top for less than 500 pesos and it is already nice and fashionable. I used to buy branded and imported clothes before like Levis, but it is so expensive and the designs are just so simple. Though I cannot question it’s durability because it is really durable, but the designs are quiet boring.

Of all the local brands available in the market, I like the style, quality, colors and durability of Bayo. They have a wide variety of selections like tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, and swimsuits. They also have a clothing line for kids called Kids of Bayo but unfortunately, it is not available here in our place. I’m pretty sure I will also regularly buy stuff for Jillian.

I own more than 50 pieces from the day I started to support this brand. I bought tops, skirts, blazers, cardigans and dresses. I haven’t bought any bottoms  because of my size and body proportion that I cannot fit exactly medium size (too tight) or large size (too loose). After a few months of wearing my clothes, I set it aside for my future bazaar of pre-owned items. Every time I do it, people really buy because they know that Bayo is really of good quality.

I also like their models/endorsers but I really loved it last years ago when Barbie Almalbis and Kitchie Nadal, two of the most famous local artists, were their models/endorsers. It was just so perfect!





I also got my Bayo Style/Membership/Discount Card already and it has been with me for years. Well, after I was qualified to become a cardholder, I immediately enjoyed all the benefits in Bayo Tagum  and other branches nationwide. I have  10% discount on all regular items all the time.


Do you like Bayo? Do you want to have this card? Visit your nearest Bayo branch now and inquire. Bayo Tagum is located at the Davao Central Warehouse Building, Apokon, Tagum City.

15-n-1 White Sapphire Cream

15-n-1 White Sapphire Cream

Admit it, we are looking for the most effective beauty product for our skin until now. We often try whats new in the hope that it might be the answer to our skin needs.

I am a BN Whitening Shoppe products user for more than a year now. I can really attest that the products are effective. But what amazes me more is their new product called 15 in 1 White Sapphire Cream. Why 15?

Because it can do 15 wonders on your skin – anti-aging, hydrates, defends, evens skin tone, minimize pores, blemish soothing, reduces redness, firms, brightens, primes, enhances vibrancy, refines, mattefies and nourishes and whitens.


This cream can be used as a makeup base, a foundation and even a night cream! In other words, this is an all around cream. Those ladies who do not want a different cream in the morning and different at night, then this is perfect for you.

I personally use this during daytime as a makeup base. It really covers my blemishes and evens out my skin tone. Even if this cream has one shade only, it can be applied to different skin tones. So there is no problem about buying the wrong shade. The product is creamy so you have to blend it thoroughly using your fingers so as not to leave any traces of cream on your face.

It also covers perfectly. The full coverage is comparable to other expensive brands found in the market. One jar (30 ml) of 15 in 1 White Sapphire Cream is only 699 pesos that can last up to three months. I began to observe the changes in two weeks where my skin is clearer and fairer. Really a value for your money’s worth.

Try this product. This might be the one you are looking for.

(Disclaimer: Pictures are from the BN Whitening Shoppe Main Facebook page)

Estrella’s Kitchen & Cafe

Estrella’s Kitchen & Cafe

A new chic and posh cafe has just recently opened in Tagum City. I believe that they are still on the process of fixing and finalizing things because lighted signage outside the building is still not visible, only a tarpaulin at the outside front that tells you that you are on the right place.

A few of my friends were there during the soft opening that’s why I heard about this place. The explorer in me was triggered again so I dragged along my daughter and head there.

Estrella’s Kitchen & Cafe is located at the 3rd floor of Reno Building, Osmena Street. Confused? Well, it is across the City Hall, along Goldilocks Bakeshop. The main reference point is the DW Electronics. If you are there, then it is on the third floor. The stairs going to the third floor is beside DW Electronics. Still confused? Well, just ask the security guard at the DW Electronics.

Going to the third floor was not easy especially if you are in high heels. I just got out from the office so I was still in complete uniform, but the delicious food was my motivation to reach there. There was no signage on the sides but when you reach the third floor, you can see the welcome signs and you can smell the aroma of good food being cooked.

It was almost full. We asked for the menu and I was surprised that the prices were quite high compared to other cafes in Tagum City. Honestly, the prices are not student-friendly, but the servings were generous. We ordered pasta, salad, breakfast meal, dessert and drinks. Yes, they have breakfast meal served all day.




Photo grabbed from Estrella’s Kitchen & Cafe’s Facebook Page
Photo grabbed from Estrella’s Kitchen & Cafe’s Facebook Page

The Fruit and Nut salad was colorful and really appetizing. There was a little dressing and the veggies were not really wet, but when you eat it, it was flavorful. Well, when I eat vegetable salad, I want the dressing to be a little soupy. The sauce of their Mushroom and Cream has a right consistency and it tasted perfectly for me. The dessert called Pot De Creme is delicious too, perfect for those with sweet tooth.


Since this is our first time, we will visit again to taste their other food. For my first time visit, I can say that I was really satisfied and I’m craving for more.

If you are planning to visit, they are open from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM and from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Zumba With A Twist

Zumba With A Twist

December 1, 2015 was a special day for Big 8 Corporate Hotel because it was the lighting of their Christmas Tree. Their tree is the highest in Visayas and Mindanao in a hotel-set up. There were also Christmas decorations all around the hotel.



To make the event more meaningful, they conducted a Fitness Color Blast Zumba wherein powders of different colors were thrown at us while dancing, making different color combinations on our white dri-fit shirts.  The Big 8 Hotel staff randomly throw it at us, in front and at the back of our shirts. No worries because the colored powders were nontoxic and easy to wash.

We really had fun and it was my first time to join this kind of Zumba. I called it Zumba with a twist. The instructors were also very good as they can really make you move and dance. Their choice of music were also good.

Photo grabbed from Davnor Photographers Society Facebook Page


I am into Zumba about three years now and I really like it because you are just dancing and it is already your workout! Hundreds of calories are already burned.

I hope to join more Zumba parties and extraordinary Zumba parties such as this.