Estrella’s Kitchen & Cafe

Estrella’s Kitchen & Cafe

A new chic and posh cafe has just recently opened in Tagum City. I believe that they are still on the process of fixing and finalizing things because lighted signage outside the building is still not visible, only a tarpaulin at the outside front that tells you that you are on the right place.

A few of my friends were there during the soft opening that’s why I heard about this place. The explorer in me was triggered again so I dragged along my daughter and head there.

Estrella’s Kitchen & Cafe is located at the 3rd floor of Reno Building, Osmena Street. Confused? Well, it is across the City Hall, along Goldilocks Bakeshop. The main reference point is the DW Electronics. If you are there, then it is on the third floor. The stairs going to the third floor is beside DW Electronics. Still confused? Well, just ask the security guard at the DW Electronics.

Going to the third floor was not easy especially if you are in high heels. I just got out from the office so I was still in complete uniform, but the delicious food was my motivation to reach there. There was no signage on the sides but when you reach the third floor, you can see the welcome signs and you can smell the aroma of good food being cooked.

It was almost full. We asked for the menu and I was surprised that the prices were quite high compared to other cafes in Tagum City. Honestly, the prices are not student-friendly, but the servings were generous. We ordered pasta, salad, breakfast meal, dessert and drinks. Yes, they have breakfast meal served all day.




Photo grabbed from Estrella’s Kitchen & Cafe’s Facebook Page
Photo grabbed from Estrella’s Kitchen & Cafe’s Facebook Page

The Fruit and Nut salad was colorful and really appetizing. There was a little dressing and the veggies were not really wet, but when you eat it, it was flavorful. Well, when I eat vegetable salad, I want the dressing to be a little soupy. The sauce of their Mushroom and Cream has a right consistency and it tasted perfectly for me. The dessert called Pot De Creme is delicious too, perfect for those with sweet tooth.


Since this is our first time, we will visit again to taste their other food. For my first time visit, I can say that I was really satisfied and I’m craving for more.

If you are planning to visit, they are open from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM and from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM.


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