Barbershop Culture

Barbershop Culture

Men really need this often – a haircut! Mostly, they visit the barbershop every two weeks, more often than women visit the salon. Students and working men maintain a clean haircut as it is required in school or in the workplace.

Like women, men also like a barbershop with good ambiance. Well, if you are looking for one, there is a barbershop with nice interior and fully-airconditioned with a haircut price of 50 pesos. Only 50 pesos for yours or theirs (in case you don’t know what specific haircut that suits you) style of haircut. Yes, they give advice for a suitable hairstyle for you. But then they are more of an “old school” hairstyle.

This barbershop is called Barbershop Culture, located at Door 3, GECP Building, Arellano Street, Tagum City. It is the road going to University of Mindanao, the big two-storey building on the left.

It is just a small space, has four comfortable barber chairs but all the barbers are experts in whatever style you want. The place has a minimalist design that gives you a homey and relaxing feeling. The place is really neat and clean.


Aside from haircut and shave services, they also promote the use of pomades, since gels can make hair dry. Pomades are sold in different fragrances. My husband bought this sweet-smelling Cherry Bomb pomade.


With a tagline Cuts x Shaves x Pomades x Lifestyle, Barbershop Culture is a hit when it comes to students and working men with a tight budget.

Visit it now and make a shift. Make Barbershop Culture part of your lifestyle.


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