A Coffee On The Go

A Coffee On The Go

Coffee lovers are so happy about this new place in Tagum City, at the 2nd Floor of Gaisano Mall to be exact. They are selling frappes of different flavors and sizes!

Gourmet Frappé is a concept made by Jake Barabad, a friend and a schoolmate in high school, also the owner of Tea Zone in the 3rd Floor of Gaisano Mall.





It cannot be denied that coffee is a favorite drink whether hot or cold. The aroma itself is already an energy booster, and drinking up to three cups a day is okay. After all, aside from satisfying your craving, coffee also has health benefits like prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease, lowers the risk of diabetis, liver disease and many others.

With a very affordable price compared to frappes in cafes, Gourmet Frappé’s frappes to go is surely convenient especially when you go strolling around the mall or watching a movie in the cinema with friends or family.

Try it and discover your favorite flavor now.


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