Coffee, Massage and More at Balai

Coffee, Massage and More at Balai

I am sure that Balai Coffee and Spa is already popular to the people of Tagum, but not all have experienced their services.


First, Balai Coffee and Spa is a homey coffee shop that serves hot and cold coffees and teas, juices and shakes paired with sandwiches, pastas or cakes. They also serve lunch and dinner with their variety of sumptuous meals.


Second, they also have massage services. You can choose from Swedish to Shiatsu to Stone Massage in an ordinary room or couple room. Either way, you will be relaxed and de-stressed when massaged. They also had sauna.


Third, they have this service called Ear Candling or, according to Google, is a thermal-auricular therapy, an alternative medicine practice claimed to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. Although if you read scientific literature about ear candling, most of it says it is ineffective and dangerous.


Therapeutic or not, effective or not, with scientific proof or not, I tried it for the sake of trying. I just want to try it to know how it feels and I felt good. Good because I was brave enough to have a lighted candle stuck in my ear canal. The experience was worth it.

Balai Coffee and Spa is really a good place to to meet and stay connected with friends, have some relaxation, or just eat good food.


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