BN Whitening Shoppe’s New Products

BN Whitening Shoppe’s New Products

Another year, another new products. BN Whitening Shoppe has launched again their new innovations to give the clients more choices for their skin care and whitening needs. After all, when we talk about whitening, it is not only the face and body exposed to the sun are involved, but the covered and the unexposed as well.

This is the reason why they made another product for the underarms, the Deo Whitening Cream. It is an anti-perspirant, anti-transpirant deodorant that you can use. If you are currently using the Underarm Whitening Solution and find it hassle to use because you need to use it with cotton, then Deo Whitening Cream is more convenient. Just push the pump for a little amount of cream, and apply it on your underarms. It has a nice, fresh fragrance that can lighten up your mood.



Another new product, one of my favorites, is the Organic Puff Mineral Powder in three shades that you can choose to suit your skin color. Mine is shade No. 1 and I find it perfect. It has a medium coverage and keeps you face smooth and flawless and oil-free for the whole day. It is in a compact container that has a mirror and sponge.



Try the products now and see if it suits you. My skin tone is now really lighter that is why I believe in BN Whitening Shoppe’s products.

You can buy the products at these branches.


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