For Help and Health: The Million Volunteer Run 3

For Help and Health: The Million Volunteer Run 3

I have joined another fun run/run for a cause today. Actually, this should be done last December 13, 2015 but was postponed to February 6, 2016. I have never joined the Million Volunteer Run 1 and 2 before because I was not informed or maybe I was just not interested at that time.

But by the time I knew about Million Volunteer Run 3, I immediately registered, paid and got excited. Of course, this is not just a fun activity but a humanitarian one.

The Million Volunteer Run is a humanitarian run organized by the Philippine Red Cross and the proceeds of the Million Volunteer Run 3 will capacitate communities to be more prepared and resilient against the intensified and much frequent buffet of disasters that hit our country, and to raise funds to purchase lifesaving vehicles and equipment. For me, joining this kind of activity is good because I can help in their fundraising even if it is just a small amount, and running is good for the body. It is for help and health. It is like hitting two birds with one stone! The run was simultaneous on all Red Cross Chapters all over the country.

I was in the 5K Female Category and I was so surprised and amazed that I finished 5th place, because my pace was so slow. Although it was a good news for me, too bad they only gave medals up to the 4th place.


Joining the MVR3 is such an accomplishment for me. I am looking forward for the MVR4 and other activities of the Philippine Red Cross.


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