Date With The Elderly

Date With The Elderly

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) Philippines had another activity last February in the 3 key cities of the country – Manila, Cebu and Davao, called Valentines Date with the Elderly. Although the activity was already done in Manila and Cebu earlier in February, Davao’s schedule was last February 27. Kinda late for Valentine’s Day but it was fun, exciting and emotional.


I got invited because I followed the instructions on how to be invited. Hahahaha. Actually, I follow CBTL’s Facebook and Instagram pages so I am always updated with what’s new. So I read their post, did the instructions and tried my luck (with prayers, too) because only 25 slots were given. Although the venue is unknown to me and I know no one there, still I was eager to join.

Then I was chosen. Came February 27, I explored alone again to the other side of Davao City, somewhere in Calinan, to a Barangay called Biao Guianga, Tugbok. I miscalculated the expected time of departure and arrival so I was 1 hour late. I nearly got lost, and got so confused. Good thing I got with me my data connection, power bank, coins, small bills, umbrella and advise of friends so I was able to ride the right jeepney, got off the right spot and eventually arrived at the venue, The Care for the Elderly Foundation, Inc.

Though late, I was just in time for the major activities like paper flower making, serenade, dancing, speech and group photos. It was fun.

During the activity, when I look at the elderlies, I felt a little emotional but happy for them. Emotional because some of them cannot walk already and in wheelchairs, some cannot move by themselves and rely to other people to transport them from one place to another, some cannot eat by themselves, some are already senile due to cardiac attack or stroke.

At the same time, I am happy for them because they have reached that far, very far that some of them are nearly 100 years old! I am happy for them because even in that situation, there are still people who care for them – the people who run the center and those who keep on donating for the daily expenses.


After the activity, I am sure that all of them were entertained. If only I could go there more often, I would, because those elderlies need love and attention especially that their days are counted.


Kudos to CBTL for a very meaningful activity. We ended the activity with a group photo and snacks from CBTL.



Thank you so much CBTL. Hoping to join more exciting activities soon.



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