MindGym Philippines

MindGym Philippines

I want to be a teacher was what I said when I graduated kindergarten. Indeed, I was, for 8 years. I experienced teaching primary, secondary and tertiary students here and abroad. Yes, I worked as a primary and secondary science teacher in Medan, Indonesia last 2009.

Even though I had very good experiences in teaching, I still do not hold a PRC license yet. Why? I don’t know and I can’t explain. But I already earned more than 18 units of Education subjects and reviewed in a reputable review center. In other words, I am ready to take the exam. Maybe soon, real soon. I hope so.

Aside from having a review in a review center, I also had a review online through MindGym Philippines. They are offering an online review called My Review Coach that lets you study and practice all their resources from General Education, Professional Education and your area of Specialization. How to avail it? It’s so easy.


Sign up to their website, fill in their form and send. Then pay the amount of 2,950 pesos through several modes of payment according to your preference. An email will be sent to you together with the username and password to access the website. What’s easier was the website was easy to navigate. They also had your schedules for each subject, giving you ample time to study the materials before taking the drills.

They also conduct a Skype conference with all the reviewees to consult and ask about things they encounter during the review. Ma’am Alice and Sir Albert were so accommodating during the online conference. They also gave advice that can really help the examinees.

Their study materials are always updated to mimic the latest Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), easy to study and downloadable so you can just save it in your flash drive and read anytime, anywhere. PDF files and PowerPoint presentations were given.

What’s more, MindGym Philippines has topnotchers everytime. That means they really help bring out the best in every examinee. However, passing the LET depends on the performance of the examinee, but they are of big help.


Are you taking the LET this March? Then try My Review Coach. Additional learning can really help.

I will be taking the LET soon. I just want to settle everything especially my work schedule. But I will, soon.

Good luck and God bless examinees. Do your best.

Online English Teacher

Online English Teacher

I am a stay-at-home mom. I cannot leave my baby for more than three hours because she will not drink any other milk but my breast milk only. And because of this, I looked for ways on how to use my time wisely and productively. I engaged myself in online teaching.

Last 15th of November, I was hired as an online Biology tutor for American students. I love it and I was able to received my 2nd salary today. Just this morning, I had again another interview through Skype, but this time, it is for an online English teacher post. Actually, I applied for this job because there is a night shift, from 12 MN to 8:00 AM. It will be so convenient for me because everybody is sleeping and the internet connection will be faster and efficient.

I had my interview at around 10:00 AM. I was so relieved when the interviewer told me that it is only through voice call. But I was dressed-up already in case it will be a video call. I was able to answer all questions without me stuttering. I was so glad! I wasn’t nervous or scared. I heard her very clearly. I know I did well because I spoke clearly, on the correct pace and I pronounced each words correctly.

Of course, after three hours, I received an email telling me that I am hired. Yes! I made it. I am officially an English teacher.

About the company, well, the company is called StudyNet. It provides one- on- one conversations in English through Skype. It creates an environment and wonderful chances for students to practice, chat and communicate in English with hundreds of tutors from Vietnam and all over the world. With Studynet, the students can enhance their English (especially speaking and listening) skills but can also find lots of new friends (even internationally) to chat over their favorite topics.

After I filled out all the necessary information for my profile page, I uploaded a picture also. I also made my schedule. I chose to open a lesson between 11:30 PM to 2:00 AM so that there will be no disturbance. Fortunately, someone already booked for a lesson and it will be on 9th December at 23:00 to 23:25 PM. I am very thankful to God.

I hope and pray that my students will be nice, kind and responsive. I hope and I will try my best that each student will learn, will have fun and most especially, they will make the most of their payment.

Online Biology Tutor

Online Biology Tutor

I received an email last October 21, 2011 from Island Tutors Outsource. They have reviewed my CV and wants to interview me through Skype. Actually, I have applied as an online tutor for this company about three days ago before I received the email. I have read the ad from Jobstreet.com and it suits me so I applied. There’s no harm in trying.

Here is the ad.


The interview was last October 26, 2011 and I was so nervous. I thought it would be a video call but thank God it was only¬† a voice call. First, Mr. Magcalas asked some personal questions, then about my experiences and then he told me he will give me a quiz. I was shocked because I didn’t expect for a quiz but it was a multiple choice type. The quiz was through Skype also. There were 20 items but unfortunately, I only got 16. After that, he told me he will contact me after a week.

I know I should wait but it was over a week already. So I emailed Mr. Magcalas again to ask the status of my application. It was a very good news! I was hired and will start on November 15, 2011.

Came November 15. I had my orientation through Skype again. I had my own account. I also tried the digital whiteboard. It was so high tech and I was amazed. I didn’t know that it existed and it was truly useful and helpful for discussion. My work hours is from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, from Tuesdays to Fridays. The payment will be through BPI and I already opened a new account. I hope I will be successful in this job. God bless me.