Into Blogging

Into Blogging

“Life is to be lived. If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is going to be interesting. And you don’t do that by sitting around wondering about yourself”. ~ Katharine Hepburn

I asked myself why I made this blog…Why? Is it because others are doing it and I want to be in it also? Is it because I have the talent and I want to show it off? Well, no. I made this blog so that everything that is inside my head and what happened to my life will be well-documented and will not be wasted. This blog will serve as a depository of everything – from memories, plans, ambitions, gossip, news, nonsense works and dialogues, all!

Just like what my science teacher told me, “Do not rely on your memory, because memory falters. Jot everything down and read over and over again so that you remember”.

And so is the purpose of this blog.


I am In WordPress

I am In WordPress

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I have been blogging since 2010. I have used blogger and tumblr as my platforms. But just recently, I am mostly on the go so I want to use my mobile phone to write and post right away. I need a platform that can support my needs. I found it in WordPress since it is easy to manage.

I really want to become a certified blogger. I want to be a member of a blogger group and be with other members doing fun and exciting activities like product launch, food tasting, gadget testing, establishment opening and many others. Last night, I applied to be a member of the Davao Bloggers Society through their website. I know I am not good in writing but I wish they will accept me.

I am blogging almost everything, from my own personal experiences, travel, places, people, events and even products that I use. If given a chance by the Davao Bloggers Society, I will be blogging everything about Tagum City and the nearby municipalities so that people will know and be informed about the good things of these places.

Although the nearby places of Tagum City are not cities but rural areas, there are really nice places worth visiting. It is my aim to inform everyone that rural areas can be as exciting as the cities.

So starting today, I will focus on WordPress and I will posts my previous posts again but I will revised it so that it will be updated.

The Work For Me

The Work For Me

I was hired in Davao Regional Hospital last April 6, 2015 in a regular, plantilla status. My position is Administrative Assistant II. Although my position and salary is not that much, I thank God that I have now a stable job in a government office. I prayed years for this, and it is now given to me.

I was assigned in the Admin Cashier’s Office and my job is somehow complicated and new to me. My undergraduate and graduate studies were all about Biology, my work experiences involved teaching Sciences for almost 9 years. So basically, I have no idea what my office mates are doing.

For a few days, they gave me some simple paperwork to accomplish. It was easy. Then later on, they gave me assignments like recording of the hospital’s income, deposits, accountability and many others. I was also able to transact to other offices like Accounting Office, Chief of Hospital’s Office and many others.

Of course, I am so serious with my job so during the first few days, I had headaches, migraine, confusion, tiredness and complains. I guess it was STRESS. I had a hard time coping up and adjusting my time. I had difficulty in balancing my time with work, business, ministry and family because when I get home, I was so tired I do not want to do anything more than to sleep.

Time has passed and I thanked God I was able to cope slowly. At the start, I was asking Him why He placed me in the Cashier’s Office, why this hard and complicated office, why this work that I have no single background. But little by little, He is beginning to reveal His purpose for me.

I love my job each day, especially my office mates who are very supportive. I am beginning to pick up the pieces and back to my old life. I am now having strength, energy and motivation to do all things I used to do. I know I have the potential and God will help me unleash my potentials. God placed me here to fulfill His works, to spread the Gospel and see Him through me in my life and works. I know God will work His ways for me that is why I am here and I thank God for everything.


Health and Wellness Challenge

Health and Wellness Challenge

A friend invited me last November 2013 to try Herbalife. She said it will make me loose weight and it is so good. I haven’t really taken that invitation seriously because one, it is expensive. The cost for the 10-day program is Php 1,350 and two, I will just do my Zumba to loose weight. It is much cheaper.

But then first week of January came and another friend invited me to her nutrition center to try Herbalife. I don’t know why, but I felt I should give it a try. So I went there.

A wellness coach greeted me and started to explain what the nutrition club is all about. She also checked the health state of my body. Of course, not surprising to know that I am overweight and my metabolic age is 57.

Actually, I am so desperate to get slimmer because I am getting older. I am scared to have those deadly diseases. Just out of nowhere, I agreed and signed up to the 10-day program.

Then came the 10th day. I was so nervous because the wellness coach will weigh and checked me again if there is an improvement. I cheated a lot in between those 10 days. I still eat more than one cup of rice, I ate a lot of pork, oily foods, fatty foods and junk foods. But to my surprise, I lost 2.6 kilos! My metabolic age is now 53.

With that, I was inspired to re-enroll again. If during the first 10-day program I lost 2.6 kilos with just one shake once a day, this time, I will have two shakes a day, for breakfast and dinner. I am now so serious.

I am not really depending on Herbalife alone to loose weight. I am still doing my Zumba and boxing to help me tone my muscles.

I believe in Herbalife since it has really an effect. I also bought some of their products like Mineral-Herbal Complex and Fiberbond.

I hope I will get slim and attain my ideal weight for my height and age, which is 52-56 kilos. I will not think of the expenses. I know that this way, I will not eat in fast food chains anymore just to save money for Herbalife. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Want to loose weight also? Give it a try. Give change a chance. Just ask me and I am willing to answer your questions.

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