Caving Adventure

Caving Adventure

We just had our caving adventure in New Corella, Davao del Norte. I really want to be a member of YAMOG (‘Yond Adventure Mountain-caving Adventure Group) so I need to render my service for 350 hours. So in order to do that, I have to attend meetings and caving activities. So I started today.

There are more than 70 caves in New Corella but Bondoc, the cave we went to earlier, was a beginner’s cave. It was dry but muddy inside. There were 2 caves that we visited and we have seen the stalactites, stalagmites, columns, formations, bats, lime stone, birds, frogs, gecko and insects. We were so amazed at how these caves were formed.

After the caves, we also went to Casilac Falls. It was not so high but it was so pretty. We liked the waters so much – so clear, cold and refreshing!

The last activity that we had before we head back home was tree planting. We planted five trees because we want to make ourselves not just an adventurous person but ecologically-conscious beings also. We want to bring back the lost trees there even in our own little way.

I was also very happy because it was the first time that me and my husband Jules, were together in an adventure. I was also with my friend Joshua and my Couchsurfing friend, Hanna. She is from Netherlands. It was such a very nice holiday. I really hope to have more fun adventure in New Corella and with YAMOG as I work hard to accumulate the 350 hours.