I Support BAYO

I Support BAYO

I promised myself to support local brands, and I’m doing that for a few years now. Local brands are still expensive though, but not as much as the branded, imported ones. You can buy a top for less than 500 pesos and it is already nice and fashionable. I used to buy branded and imported clothes before like Levis, but it is so expensive and the designs are just so simple. Though I cannot question it’s durability because it is really durable, but the designs are quiet boring.

Of all the local brands available in the market, I like the style, quality, colors and durability of Bayo. They have a wide variety of selections like tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, and swimsuits. They also have a clothing line for kids called Kids of Bayo but unfortunately, it is not available here in our place. I’m pretty sure I will also regularly buy stuff for Jillian.

I own more than 50 pieces from the day I started to support this brand. I bought tops, skirts, blazers, cardigans and dresses. I haven’t bought any bottoms  because of my size and body proportion that I cannot fit exactly medium size (too tight) or large size (too loose). After a few months of wearing my clothes, I set it aside for my future bazaar of pre-owned items. Every time I do it, people really buy because they know that Bayo is really of good quality.

I also like their models/endorsers but I really loved it last years ago when Barbie Almalbis and Kitchie Nadal, two of the most famous local artists, were their models/endorsers. It was just so perfect!





I also got my Bayo Style/Membership/Discount Card already and it has been with me for years. Well, after I was qualified to become a cardholder, I immediately enjoyed all the benefits in Bayo Tagum  and other branches nationwide. I have  10% discount on all regular items all the time.


Do you like Bayo? Do you want to have this card? Visit your nearest Bayo branch now and inquire. Bayo Tagum is located at the Davao Central Warehouse Building, Apokon, Tagum City.