On Healthy Diet: Calorie Counted Meals

On Healthy Diet: Calorie Counted Meals

I have been into many weight loss attempts like having protein shake as a meal substitute or doing back-to-back yoga and zumba exercises with a little running when there is ample time. Although there is really some pounds off my weight, but I feel like I need a healthy yet effective weight loss regimen to suit my busy schedule. I am quiet busy with so many things that I do not have time to do exercise.

Then a friend told me to try the calorie counted meals by I am Sexy Chef. They offer lunch and dinner delivered at your doorstep from Mondays to Fridays. Lunch and dinner has a total of 700-750 calories.

I was hesitant at first. The food is not as tasty as what I usually eat. The sight of tofu makes me want to quit. But when I finished a week of these low calorie meals, I felt great and I continued. I am now on my 2nd month of eating these healthy meals. I now enjoy vegetables, oats, gluten-free pasta, quinoa grains, brown rice, wheat bread and…tofu!

Since I want to lose weight because I am getting old, my daily activities don’t require much movement and I just want to be healthy, having these calorie counted meals made me more disciplined in terms of food choices. I stopped eating pork since November of 2015 and today, I avoid sweets, too starchy food, coffee, cola and fast foods. Although my other reason for avoiding these food is that I cannot afford to buy them anymore, because I am spending 1,300 pesos a week for these lunch and dinner.

Of course, there was a tremendous change in almost 2 months. I lost 4 kilos. It may seem small, but people really noticed the change in me. I am happy with the results because I am losing weight yet eating healthy.



Try these calorie counted meals and see if it work for you. Check out I am Sexy Chef  on Facebook for their photos, testimonies and contacts.