Cupcake Boss

Cupcake Boss

I have visited this place a lot of times already because I like it here, even my husband and my kids agree. Cupcake Boss by Bia and Lia opened last June 5, 2015 and serves cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, drinks, pasta and viands of different kinds. It is just a small place yet so cozy. A little bit far from the city proper since it is located at Purok Senangote, you will not be afraid that the place is always jam-packed with students studying or people just ordering drinks and killing time by scrolling their mobile devices and using the free WiFi. Yes, they have WiFi and a soothing background music.

The owners, Bia and Lia, are good in baking and cooking. They use their talents to put up a business which they really love. Although this place is just establishing its name and reputation, a lot of people have visited already, even prominent people of Tagum.

We have tried many of their food. My favorites are their creamy carbonara, custard cake, blueberry cheesecake, cinnamon mocha latte and fish fillet.  Their serving is generous, the platter for the viands and even the slice of cakes. Of course, my kids love their cupcakes especially those with cute toppings.

Planning to go there? They are open from 9AM to 11PM all through the week. If the place is too unfamiliar for you, just say to the tricycle driver that it is near Iglesia ni Cristo church in Senagote. You will pass Saint Mary’s College and Activo Fitness Gym before arriving there.



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(Disclaimer: Some pictures were taken from Cupcake Boss by Bia and Lia’s Facebook Page)