What’s New in NCCC Mall?

What’s New in NCCC Mall?

Tagum City has three big malls today – Gaisano Mall, Gaisano Grand Mall and NCCC Mall. But most people often visit Gaisano Mall because it is big, with a wide variety of everything you need, from food to clothes to entertainment.

Of the three malls, the NCCC Mall was built first. It is not so big compared to Gaisano Mall. Imagine ten years ago when people flocked there during near fiesta, Christmas, New Year and other events, it is crowded. Expect also to see most people there during a 12-hour blackout, where you cannot feel the air condition anymore. With the rise of the competitors, NCCC Mall is now seldom visited.

Fortunately, the Victory Christian Fellowship Tagum is located there. As a member, I get to see the mall at least once a week. To my amazement, the management is still trying to lure the customers back, and even more, by having some promos, events and more entertainment.

Indeed, at the fourth floor are their new entertainment area for kids called Fun-N-Jumpin, a castle-like inflatable playground filled with balls of different colors. Kids really like to play there because they can jump, run, lay down, climb and move whatever they want. 15-minute play is 45 pesos, 30-minute play is 60 pesos.


Another attraction is the billiards and dart corner. It has four billiard tables, sticks, three dart boards, high quality dart pins, rules and etiquette charts and lights to make the area well-lighted to make sure that the players are comfortable during their game. For as low as 80 pesos, you can play billiards for one hour, while 50 pesos is good for an hour of playing dart. With these facilities, they host small competitions with attractive prizes.


The Xbox 360 is still there where kids who are big enough to play in the Fun-N-Jumpin and too young to play billiards and dart, mostly play video games or dance the latest dance songs.

Drop by NCCC Mall and try their newest offers for all of us.