Warehaus Cafe

Warehaus Cafe

There is another cafe that opened in Tagum City a few days ago. I was not able to visit it immediately because when I asked my friends who went there already if there are pastas or cakes, there is none. The menu has sandwiches and rice meals, and different varieties of drinks. So I hesitated to go.

But time permits me to visit there together with my friends. I am in the mood to eat anything so I gave it a try. We went there and I was amazed that the ambiance was great! The furniture and fixtures were extraordinary and different from other cafes in Tagum. We went there during lunchtime and there were lots of people and it came full house in just a matter of minutes. Luckily, we were there ahead of them so we were able to choose  comfortable seats.


Their rice meals were all sizzling – sizzling pork, chicken, beef and fish. My order was a sizzling fish steak while my friends ordered sizzling seafoods (mandaragat) and sizzling squid (pusit). They also ordered cold drinks called Green Apple Soda and Iced Mocha. I just had water.




The overall experience was good. However, since Warehaus Cafe is located in the business center of Tagum, expect a lot of people that would come by and dine. So I guess you have to come earlier than lunch time or dinner time so that it will not be crowded yet and you can still take pictures of their nice interior.

Warehaus Cafe is located at Bonifacio corner Quezon Streets, across HB1 and along Magnolia Kiosk and Tagum Breadhouse. If you know the location of the old Grande Supermart, then that is the exact spot.