Zumba With A Twist

Zumba With A Twist

December 1, 2015 was a special day for Big 8 Corporate Hotel because it was the lighting of their Christmas Tree. Their tree is the highest in Visayas and Mindanao in a hotel-set up. There were also Christmas decorations all around the hotel.



To make the event more meaningful, they conducted a Fitness Color Blast Zumba wherein powders of different colors were thrown at us while dancing, making different color combinations on our white dri-fit shirts.  The Big 8 Hotel staff randomly throw it at us, in front and at the back of our shirts. No worries because the colored powders were nontoxic and easy to wash.

We really had fun and it was my first time to join this kind of Zumba. I called it Zumba with a twist. The instructors were also very good as they can really make you move and dance. Their choice of music were also good.

Photo grabbed from Davnor Photographers Society Facebook Page


I am into Zumba about three years now and I really like it because you are just dancing and it is already your workout! Hundreds of calories are already burned.

I hope to join more Zumba parties and extraordinary Zumba parties such as this.