Online English Teacher

Online English Teacher

I am a stay-at-home mom. I cannot leave my baby for more than three hours because she will not drink any other milk but my breast milk only. And because of this, I looked for ways on how to use my time wisely and productively. I engaged myself in online teaching.

Last 15th of November, I was hired as an online Biology tutor for American students. I love it and I was able to received my 2nd salary today. Just this morning, I had again another interview through Skype, but this time, it is for an online English teacher post. Actually, I applied for this job because there is a night shift, from 12 MN to 8:00 AM. It will be so convenient for me because everybody is sleeping and the internet connection will be faster and efficient.

I had my interview at around 10:00 AM. I was so relieved when the interviewer told me that it is only through voice call. But I was dressed-up already in case it will be a video call. I was able to answer all questions without me stuttering. I was so glad! I wasn’t nervous or scared. I heard her very clearly. I know I did well because I spoke clearly, on the correct pace and I pronounced each words correctly.

Of course, after three hours, I received an email telling me that I am hired. Yes! I made it. I am officially an English teacher.

About the company, well, the company is called StudyNet. It provides one- on- one conversations in English through Skype. It creates an environment and wonderful chances for students to practice, chat and communicate in English with hundreds of tutors from Vietnam and all over the world. With Studynet, the students can enhance their English (especially speaking and listening) skills but can also find lots of new friends (even internationally) to chat over their favorite topics.

After I filled out all the necessary information for my profile page, I uploaded a picture also. I also made my schedule. I chose to open a lesson between 11:30 PM to 2:00 AM so that there will be no disturbance. Fortunately, someone already booked for a lesson and it will be on 9th December at 23:00 to 23:25 PM. I am very thankful to God.

I hope and pray that my students will be nice, kind and responsive. I hope and I will try my best that each student will learn, will have fun and most especially, they will make the most of their payment.