Health and Wellness Challenge

Health and Wellness Challenge

A friend invited me last November 2013 to try Herbalife. She said it will make me loose weight and it is so good. I haven’t really taken that invitation seriously because one, it is expensive. The cost for the 10-day program is Php 1,350 and two, I will just do my Zumba to loose weight. It is much cheaper.

But then first week of January came and another friend invited me to her nutrition center to try Herbalife. I don’t know why, but I felt I should give it a try. So I went there.

A wellness coach greeted me and started to explain what the nutrition club is all about. She also checked the health state of my body. Of course, not surprising to know that I am overweight and my metabolic age is 57.

Actually, I am so desperate to get slimmer because I am getting older. I am scared to have those deadly diseases. Just out of nowhere, I agreed and signed up to the 10-day program.

Then came the 10th day. I was so nervous because the wellness coach will weigh and checked me again if there is an improvement. I cheated a lot in between those 10 days. I still eat more than one cup of rice, I ate a lot of pork, oily foods, fatty foods and junk foods. But to my surprise, I lost 2.6 kilos! My metabolic age is now 53.

With that, I was inspired to re-enroll again. If during the first 10-day program I lost 2.6 kilos with just one shake once a day, this time, I will have two shakes a day, for breakfast and dinner. I am now so serious.

I am not really depending on Herbalife alone to loose weight. I am still doing my Zumba and boxing to help me tone my muscles.

I believe in Herbalife since it has really an effect. I also bought some of their products like Mineral-Herbal Complex and Fiberbond.

I hope I will get slim and attain my ideal weight for my height and age, which is 52-56 kilos. I will not think of the expenses. I know that this way, I will not eat in fast food chains anymore just to save money for Herbalife. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Want to loose weight also? Give it a try. Give change a chance. Just ask me and I am willing to answer your questions.

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