VCF Tagum Team Building 2013

VCF Tagum Team Building 2013

Last September 28, 2013 was one of the most unforgettable moment of my life. It was the Victory ┬áTagum’s team building for the core group. The core group is composed of members of the church who are willing to serve God through church works. I was so glad that I was invited because Pastor Manny saw a potential in me to become a church worker. Of course, I brought along with me my husband Jules.

I thought we will have lectures and lots of writing activities and group works, but this team building was the best so far. We had a lot of fun and adventure. It was held in Outland Adventure in Maa, Davao City. We conquered our fears through surpassing the extreme obstacles called Circuit by careful planning, strategies, ideas and teamwork.

Our muscles were so stretched and painful that it took me three days not to go to Zumba. I was able to set the limits of my body when I was at the Circuit. I know I am very heavy but because I want to succeed, I was able to carry my weight from start to finish.

It takes a lot of planning and teamwork to become successful in a given task. Although at first we failed because of our carelessness and eagerness to do the task, but we learned that we need each other to do the right thing. We became a team that day.

We did the Mohawk and we failed, we crossed the river and we failed during the first time, but we eventually succeeded. We also succeeded during the ball transfer.


539753_10151913895362497_874736541_n 1380193_10151913861422497_1529926144_n 1236097_10151913893467497_1392044264_n1377957_10151913895462497_1872787724_n 1278183_10151913861802497_1118365139_n1234457_10151913862132497_659167947_n 1374359_10151913863952497_1266562031_n 1382001_10151913862717497_1528372565_n 1383056_10151913862192497_2113007334_n1186307_10151913899192497_1720050838_n 1381713_10151913900132497_1736051245_n 1381935_10151913900412497_729500928_nWe went home wet yet happy, fulfilled and felt closer to each other.