15-n-1 White Sapphire Cream

15-n-1 White Sapphire Cream

Admit it, we are looking for the most effective beauty product for our skin until now. We often try whats new in the hope that it might be the answer to our skin needs.

I am a BN Whitening Shoppe products user for more than a year now. I can really attest that the products are effective. But what amazes me more is their new product called 15 in 1 White Sapphire Cream. Why 15?

Because it can do 15 wonders on your skin – anti-aging, hydrates, defends, evens skin tone, minimize pores, blemish soothing, reduces redness, firms, brightens, primes, enhances vibrancy, refines, mattefies and nourishes and whitens.


This cream can be used as a makeup base, a foundation and even a night cream! In other words, this is an all around cream. Those ladies who do not want a different cream in the morning and different at night, then this is perfect for you.

I personally use this during daytime as a makeup base. It really covers my blemishes and evens out my skin tone. Even if this cream has one shade only, it can be applied to different skin tones. So there is no problem about buying the wrong shade. The product is creamy so you have to blend it thoroughly using your fingers so as not to leave any traces of cream on your face.

It also covers perfectly. The full coverage is comparable to other expensive brands found in the market. One jar (30 ml) of 15 in 1 White Sapphire Cream is only 699 pesos that can last up to three months. I began to observe the changes in two weeks where my skin is clearer and fairer. Really a value for your money’s worth.

Try this product. This might be the one you are looking for.

(Disclaimer: Pictures are from the BN Whitening Shoppe Main Facebook page)